NiteHike 2018
April 7th - 8th
- NiteHike Wants YOU! -

NiteHike 2019
April 13th - 14th, 2019?
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General Station Information


GVRD will have extra security patrolling through the night and will be inspecting EVERY site at the end of the event on Sunday. All GVRD rules are to be respected and damage to the local environment is to be minimized (and garbage removed) or else we may lose the privilege of conducting this activity in future years in Pacific Spirit Park. No fires without GVRD Parks approval (click here... to email a request to the Nitehike organisers).

Station Activity Planning

No fires allowed unless approved by GVRD and NiteHike organisers in advance. Any requests to have a fire are to be forwarded to this email ... immediately. GVRD is trying to minimize risks and as some fires were not properly extinguished in past years, they are being even more strict about this requirement. Fires must be set to GVRD rules.

Day of Hike