NiteHike Wants YOU!

NiteHike planning is currently under way. However, the organizing committee for NiteHike is desparately in need of help, on a semi-permanent basis. Two of the three members have moved away from the Vancouver area, and cannot guarantee that they will be available to help on site every year. As such, we are seeking fresh faces who can handle the organization and operation of the headquarters, and NiteHike itself. We will still be able to manage the website, and put out all the maps and mark sheets, etc, but unless we can get more people helping out on a permanent basis, 2018 MAY BE THE LAST NITEHIKE. Please email to ask how you or your group can help.

In the meantime, station registration for 2018 is open, and can be accessed here. If you haven't run a station before, please take the time to read through all the rules and suggestions before registering for a station. Station locations will be assigned in order of: 1) A returning group who signs up for the same location as last year, 2) A returning group who signs up for a different location, and 3) New groups who haven't run a station at NiteHike before. Just because a station might not be claimed yet does NOT mean it will stay that way.

See you on the trails!