Score Update

Scores are done and uploaded! Congratulations to 11th Seymour who finished in first place with a total score of 448.5. In second place was first CloverRidge, with a total score of 431. The top place finisher, adjusted for age, was the 1st Langley Valley Guides, with an average age of 10.5, and adjusted score of 437.3.

Our most visited station was station O, with 109 (out of 131 hike groups) having visited.

Congratulations everyone! Now that we have this system figured out, we PROMISE it won't take as long this year!

You cannot view your individual score per station (yet), as we learn how to effectively manipulate the data in this new format (MySQL). If you have some expertise in manipulating the data and would like to offer up some expertise, email us at .

We will hold the original score sheets until NiteHike 2017 has completed. But don't expect us to every want to look at them again!