NiteHike Kit!

NiteHike is only a couple days away! We felt this was a good time to let everyone know who will be participating that there are a few things they are required to have the evening of the hike. There's two lists is gear for the group as a whole, and one is gear for each member to have.

Just a reminder, all hike groups should have the following:

- two leaders (your group may have to hike with another group to meet minimums)
- proof of registration in your organization. For Scouts, this is a print out of the section MMS with attending youth highlighted.
- medical certificates / forms for all attending members
- a cell phone in case of emergency
- large ziplock / waterproof bag to keep hike papers in
- basic first aid kit with bandaids and tylenol / aspirin
- spare water bottle and flashlights / batteries
- camera to take pictures for the group

In addition, each youth should have:

- clothes appropriate for the evening, along with a waterproof jacket and socks
- good, proper hiking shoes for hitting the trail
- snacks to provide energy throughout the evening
- a flashlight (trails are VERY dark)
- a water bottle (there are a couple places throughout the park to fill it)
- a travel mug for hot chocolate at stations that are providing it (stations do NOT provide cups)
- a sturdy backpack to hold everything in, that's fitted properly for comfort


Driver Safety

An important note for groups who are coming from far away: we want you to get home safely! As this is an all night event, we want to encourage you to have enough adults so that Scout leaders who have been hiking all night do not have to drive their Scouts home in the morning. Fatigued drivers are a huge cause of accidents and we want you and your Scouts to be able to come to next year's event! Groups running stations will be able to pitch limited numbers of tents for their drivers to be able to sleep for at least  apart of the night. If your group has a dedicated driver(s) who will need to rest, please get in touch with us to make arrangements.