Hello Hikers!

Hello again everyone! I hope you're all looking forward to another exciting NiteHike at Pacific Spirit Park! I have a few things I want to talk about in this blog post, and a few bits of news for everyone, so bear with me please! Only a few days left until NiteHike!

Overnight Driver Accomodation

First of all, we have a place for our out of town drivers to sleep overnight so that they're refreshed and able to safely drive the group home in the morning. It's free to sleep in the hall we've booked (Marpole Hall down at 70th and Marine Dr), but space is limited, so drop us a quick email if you want to take advantage of that opportunity, and make sure to bring a sleeping bag and pillow!


Third, and perhaps most exciting, is the ability to SKIP THE LINE at registration. We've set up the ability (completely optional) for you to tell us when your group will arrive at registration. You still need to actually register in person, but if you're arriving at the time you say you are, you're only going to be in line for a couple minutes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE arrive when you say you will. It can mess up other groups if you're too late. Head over to EventBrite for that. Once you pre-book online, you will receive an electronic copy of the registration form. Please completely fill that in and bring it with you to save time.

Important Things of Note

- NiteHike is an overnight hike with activity stations through the woods. There is no base camp for your group or anything to that effect.
- Each hike group is 4-7 youth plus two leaders. Groups with less youth may have to partner up. Groups of more than seven will be broken up, but will still hike together.
- NiteHike welcomes members of Scouts and Guides ages 8 and up. We have special routes for the younger sections so they can get their feet wet without hiking the entire park.
- All hike group members must be registered members of their respective organizations. We do ask for proof. Also make sure you have medical forms with you.
- Your group is welcome to do as few or as many stations as you want. If you're too tired and cranky, it's best you call it a night, lest the group hate the activity in the future.
- This is a hike. In the woods. In the dark. The trails are not lit, and could be wet / muddy / cold. Please make sure you dress appropriately, and bring a decent source of light. Your cell phone doesn't count, and won't last the whole night anyways.
- Bring a travel mug! We have hot chocolate stations throughout the park, as well as a couple places where you can fill up a water bottle, so make sure you bring drinking vessels!
- We also have hot dogs! Each participant receives two tickets (good for two hot dogs) that they can 'spend' at any hot dog station they want. You probably still want to bring a snack.
- Read the rules! They can be found in a somewhat easy to read format at this location.
- If you make it through the night (or even if you don't), each participant at the end of the night will receive a NiteHike badge and a donut.

Registration is $10 per youth, and $5 per leader (first two leaders free). Groups can make payment via cash, cheque, or credit card.