NiteHike 2017 Goes to the Zoo!

 Station registration is now open for NiteHike 2017! This year's theme is 'NiteHike Goes to the Zoo', and we're hoping it's a theme you can go bananas for! Get it, bananas? :-) NiteHike this year will be April 8th-9th at Pacific Spirit Park, and for more information, including a map of station locations, have a look at the menu to the left. Stations will be assigned on a first come first served basis, with priority given to groups who are returning to the same location as last year.

Volunteers URGENTLY Needed:

 NiteHike is looking for volunteers at Headquarters. We say it every year, but this time we mean it. Our helpers are moving on and doing new things with their lives, and if we don't get enough people, we simply cannot run NiteHike anymore. We're looking for at least two or three people on Saturday mid-day to help set up, as well as two or three people to help with registration in the early evening, and two or three people to help with de-registration and packing up the next morning. These could all be the same two people, or they could be completely different people. We will basically take any and all help we can get.

 NiteHike is also looking for a new treasurer, as our current treasurer said he wanted to retire a couple years ago, but the people who have offered to help out simply haven't followed through. This commitment is usually only for a few hours in the weeks before NiteHike, writing cheques and the such, and for a few hours in the days after NiteHike depositing registration fees and making sure our balance sheet is done. If you're willing to help, please send us an email!

NiteHike 2014 Theme

The theme for next year's event is 'NiteHike Does Science'! Hopefully an early theme announcement gives stations ample time to plan a fun and challenging theme activity. Registration for stations of course won't open until February(ish), and participants register the day of the hike. The 2014 hike will take place April 12th-13th, avoiding both Easter weekend and the SunRun.  If you're interested in helping out with NiteHike, please email us.