2014 Results Online!

Finally! I'm sorry it's taken so long. Usually after NiteHike is over, we take a couple weeks off to decompress. However, It so happens that I had just moved AND taken over a business on the Sunshine Coast with my family.  With everything going on, including renovating a new space and moving the store, getting the marks done sort of went by the wayside. HOWEVER, you all have been VERY patient with me, and they're finally done! You can download the results here.  Excel or OpenOffice are required to open the score sheet.

Congratulations to the Orion Rangers, who took first place with 565 points, as well as the 3rd Seymour Trex, who came in second place with 564 points! Yes, we double checked everything to make sure the numbers were correct.  Congratulations also to 3rd Cloverdale, which came in 1st after we corrected for the average age of the group. They also happened to be the YOUNGEST group to complete the hike!

You can vote for the theme of NiteHike 2015 HERE. Our scheduled date is April 11 - 12, 2015. We look forward to hearing from you about a theme idea!