FINALLY! Scores are up, and can be viewed by clicking '2015 Results' on the left. Congratulations to the overall winners, the Orion Rangers, with 517 points. We had a tie for second place, with 8th Surdel Venturers and the Lynn Valley Pathfinders each getting 495.5 points.  The winner corrected for age was the 1st Langley Valley Guides, with an average age of 10.83 years, and an adjusted score of 541.4 points. We had exactly 520 youth hiking, and approximately 200 leaders hiking with them. 26 hike groups of 101 completed all of the stations, which is a pretty impressive number.

Thanks for coming to NiteHike 2015, and we look forward to seeing you next year! If you want to see the scores get out faster, we can always use more help! Email us to throw your hat into the ring.

Hikers Registration

NiteHike begins at 7pm. Show up before 7pm to register your group and get your start location and time. Registration is at St. Anselms church on University Blvd, and there is limited parking at the golf course across the street. Make sure you bring proof of registration and physical fitness certificates, as well as cash or cheque for group payment. 

Q: Why can't I have more than seven youth in a group?

This is a question that has been asked a few times over the years, so let's answer it!

The reason for this is that not all activity stations can be scaled up for more participants. If your group is supposed to build and carry a stretcher through the woods (for example), too many youth can result in participants getting left out. Stations are planning around four to seven youth per group, and we've found that over the years, that works out best.

But what if you have more than seven youth? Why you split into two hike groups of course! It's best to split the groups as evenly as you can, so that both groups get to participate equally, though some groups might split with the most senior kids on one team to really push for a win, with everyone else on another team. Keep in mind that each hike group is required to have two leaders, so if you don't have enough leadership to meet requirements, your hike groups will be required to hike together for safety, even if they are competing against each other!

If you have a question you'd like answered, please email and we'll answer it!

NiteHike 2015 In Spaaaaaacccceeee!

I think the subject pretty well says it all. NiteHike 2015's theme will be NiteHike In Space (shortened form), and station ideas should be themed accordingly. This year's even will (hopefully, just confirming with the parks board) run from April 11-12, which doesn't conflict with any known major events. Stay tuned for updates!

2014 Results Online!

Finally! I'm sorry it's taken so long. Usually after NiteHike is over, we take a couple weeks off to decompress. However, It so happens that I had just moved AND taken over a business on the Sunshine Coast with my family.  With everything going on, including renovating a new space and moving the store, getting the marks done sort of went by the wayside. HOWEVER, you all have been VERY patient with me, and they're finally done! You can download the results here.  Excel or OpenOffice are required to open the score sheet.

Congratulations to the Orion Rangers, who took first place with 565 points, as well as the 3rd Seymour Trex, who came in second place with 564 points! Yes, we double checked everything to make sure the numbers were correct.  Congratulations also to 3rd Cloverdale, which came in 1st after we corrected for the average age of the group. They also happened to be the YOUNGEST group to complete the hike!

You can vote for the theme of NiteHike 2015 HERE. Our scheduled date is April 11 - 12, 2015. We look forward to hearing from you about a theme idea!

Station Registration

Yes, we're aware that there are issues with the station registration system as it is currently set-up. Unofrtunately we can't change it at this point without losing all the entries we've received so far. The biggest question for help we've received is this:

Q: Why does the registration form not show up? All I'm seeing is the map.

A: To access the registration form, all you have to do is click on the site you want to set up at. It will then take you to the registration form, with the appropriate site location already filled out. This only works (for now) on desktop and laptop computers (not phones or tablets, due to lack of mouse). If you are still having problems, send us an email and we'll try and help.

Cheers, and see you at NiteHike!

NiteHike 2014 Theme

The theme for next year's event is 'NiteHike Does Science'! Hopefully an early theme announcement gives stations ample time to plan a fun and challenging theme activity. Registration for stations of course won't open until February(ish), and participants register the day of the hike. The 2014 hike will take place April 12th-13th, avoiding both Easter weekend and the SunRun.  If you're interested in helping out with NiteHike, please email us.

New Website!

NiteHike's website has been updated / tweaked! You may not notice much in the way of changes, but this new system, (including a blog for updates) shold make things a LOT easier for us to update and stay current with! Any issues, please send us an email:

2013 Results!

The results for 2013 are now online! Apparently someone (me) forgot to upload the results, then manage to lose the already completed data. A couple groups emailled me last week, bringing it to my attention, and I just spent the weekend rebuilding it. Our overall winner is the 'Power Rangers' with 503 points! The winning group, corrected for age is 10th Coquitlam Scouts, with 488.4 points! You can find the results spreadsheet over on the sidebar, including all sorts of statistics.

Driver Safety

An important note for groups who are coming from far away: we want you to get home safely! As this is an all night event, we want to encourage you to have enough adults so that Scout leaders who have been hiking all night do not have to drive their Scouts home in the morning. Fatigued drivers are a huge cause of accidents and we want you and your Scouts to be able to come to next year's event! Groups running stations will be able to pitch limited numbers of tents for their drivers to be able to sleep for at least  apart of the night. If your group has a dedicated driver(s) who will need to rest, please get in touch with us to make arrangements.

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