NiteHike 2016

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April 8th-9th, 2017
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NiteHike -

Score Update

We promise that scores are coming soon! NiteHike is largely coordianated by a single person, and as such I get kind of burnt out by the time things are done. On top of that, we tried a new score-keeping system this year which didn't work, so I'm having to rebuild the score sheets. Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you want to help out with NiteHike in the future, please email .  Thanks for your understanding!

Wow! Just wow!

We had 687 youth participants this year, along with 256 leaders. We got entirely overwhelmed on the hot dogs, and for that we're truly sorry. We want to make sure that everyone gets hot dogs, but we also need to make sure that we don't end up with 200+ hot dogs left over like we did last year. Scores wont be ready to go up as quick as I wanted, but we'll start working on them very shortly. Thanks everyone!

Hello Hikers!

Hello again everyone! I hope you're all looking forward to another exciting NiteHike at Pacific Spirit Park! I have a few things I want to talk about in this blog post, and a few bits of news for everyone, so bear with me please! Only a few days left until NiteHike!

Overnight Driver Accomodation

First of all, starting this year, we have a place for our out of town drivers to sleep overnight so that they're refreshed and able to safely drive the group home in the morning. It's free to sleep in the hall we've booked, but space is limited, so drop us a quick email if you want to take advantage of that opportunity, and make sure to bring a sleeping bag and pillow!

Electronic Score Keeping

Second, starting this year, we're going to attempt to have the stations submit scores electronically. What this COULD mean (if all goes according to plan), is that your group COULD know the results of who won NiteHike by the time they got home. Certainly not three months later like it was last year (I was working on the scores by myself, and after the crunch of NiteHike, sometimes the last thing you want to look at is more NiteHike).


Third, and perhaps most exciting, is the ability to SKIP THE LINE at registration. Starting this year, we've set up the ability (completely optional) for you to tell us when your group will arrive at registration. You still need to actually register in person, but if you're arriving at the time you say you are, you're only going to be in line for a couple minutes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE arrive when you say you will. It can mess up other groups if you're too late. Head over to EventBrite for that.

Important Things of Note

- NiteHike is an overnight hike with activity stations through the woods. There is no base camp for your group or anything to that effect.
- Each hike group is 4-7 youth plus two leaders. Groups with less youth may have to partnet up. Groups of more than seven will be broken up, but can still hike together.
- NiteHike welcomes Scouts and Guides ages 8 and up. We have special routes for the younger sections so they can get their feet wet without hiking the entire park.
- All hike group members must be registered members of their respective organizations. We do ask for proof. Also make sure you have medical forms with you.
- Your group is welcome to do as few or as many stations as you want. If you're too tired and cranky, it's best you call it a night, lest the group hate the activity in the future.
- This is a hike. In the woods. In the dark. The trails are not lit, and could be wet / muddy / cold. Please make sure you dress appropriately, and bring a decent source of light. Your cell phone doesn't count.
- Bring a mug! We have hot chocoate stations throughout the park, as well as a couple places where you can fill up a water bottle, so make sure you bring drinking vessels!
- We also have hot dogs! Each participant receives two tickets (good for two hot dogs) that they can 'spend' at any hot dog station they want. You probably still want to bring a snack.
- Read the rules! They can be found in a somewhat easy to read format at this location.
- If you make it through the night (or even if you don't), each participant at the end of the night will receive a NiteHike badge and a donut.

Registration is $10 per youth, and $5 per leader (first two leaders free). Groups can make payment via cash, cheque, or credit card.



NiteHike 2016 Avoids Getting Lost in the Woods!

NiteHike 2016's theme will be 'NiteHike Avoids Getting Lost in the Woods', with station activites inspired to create survival challenges, spooky games, and create an all around good time for the approximately thousand participants who take part each year. NiteHike will take place at UBC's Pacific Spirit Park overnight from April 9th-10th, 2016. This year marks NiteHike's 45th year running, and we're darn proud of it!

If you haven't been before, it's a great teambuilding activity for youth ages 8 and up (Scouts, Girl Guides, and BSA members welcome). Hike groups of four-seven youth travel the trails of the park in the dark, stopping at 20-25 activity stations where they complete a challenge and score points. The group that has the highest score is decalred the winner, and has their group name added to the trophy for all eternity. There's hot dogs, hot chocolate, and lots of fun to be had! Youth participant registration is only $10, with two leaders per group free (additional leaders $5 each).

Registration will be open from 630pm - 9pm. You are not required to be at headquarters before 630pm, and in fact will not be allowed to start at an activity station until at least 7pm regardless of when your group arrives on site. There is no pre-registration required. Payment can be made on the day of the event by cash, group cheque, or credit card. For those of you who HAVE been before, we have some more changes to the registration process planned for this year to help eliminate some of the lines that we get at the very beginning of the evening.

Station registration will open January 1st, with site locations being assigned during Spring Break, preference given to returning stations.

Please keep an eye on this website for news, updates, and more information as it becomes available.


FINALLY! Scores are up, and can be viewed by clicking '2015 Results' on the left. Congratulations to the overall winners, the Orion Rangers, with 517 points. We had a tie for second place, with 8th Surdel Venturers and the Lynn Valley Pathfinders each getting 495.5 points.  The winner corrected for age was the 1st Langley Valley Guides, with an average age of 10.83 years, and an adjusted score of 541.4 points. We had exactly 520 youth hiking, and approximately 200 leaders hiking with them. 26 hike groups of 101 completed all of the stations, which is a pretty impressive number.

Thanks for coming to NiteHike 2015, and we look forward to seeing you next year! If you want to see the scores get out faster, we can always use more help! Email us to throw your hat into the ring.

Headquarters Location

NiteHike is soon! For those of you who don't know where the headquarters is located, it's at St. Anselms church across the street from the University Golf Course. The street address is 5210 University Blvd, and there is ample parking for drivers, and bus service to in front of HQ. Please note that Sunday morning bus service may not start until after the event is over, so arrangements should be made to get safely home from NiteHike.

NiteHike Kit!

NiteHike is only a couple days away! We felt this was a good time to let everyone know who will be participating that there are a few things they are required to have the evening of the hike. There's two lists is gear for the group as a whole, and one is gear for each member to have.

Just a reminder, all hike groups should have the following:

- two leaders (your group may have to hike with another group to meet minimums)
- proof of registration in your organization. For Scouts, this is a print out of the section MMS with attending youth highlighted.
- medical certificates / forms for all attending members
- a cell phone in case of emergency
- large ziplock / waterproof bag to keep hike papers in
- basic first aid kit with bandaids and tylenol / aspirin
- spare water bottle and flashlights / batteries
- camera to take pictures for the group

In addition, each youth should have:

- clothes appropriate for the evening, along with a waterproof jacket and socks
- good, proper hiking shoes for hitting the trail
- snacks to provide energy throughout the evening
- a flashlight (trails are VERY dark)
- a water bottle (there are a couple places throughout the park to fill it)
- a travel mug for hot chocolate at stations that are providing it (stations do NOT provide cups)
- a sturdy backpack to hold everything in, that's fitted properly for comfort


Hikers Registration

NiteHike begins at 7pm. Show up before 7pm to register your group and get your start location and time. Registration is at St. Anselms church on University Blvd, and there is limited parking at the golf course across the street. Make sure you bring proof of registration and physical fitness certificates, as well as cash or cheque for group payment. 

Q: Why can't I have more than seven youth in a group?

This is a question that has been asked a few times over the years, so let's answer it!

The reason for this is that not all activity stations can be scaled up for more participants. If your group is supposed to build and carry a stretcher through the woods (for example), too many youth can result in participants getting left out. Stations are planning around four to seven youth per group, and we've found that over the years, that works out best.

But what if you have more than seven youth? Why you split into two hike groups of course! It's best to split the groups as evenly as you can, so that both groups get to participate equally, though some groups might split with the most senior kids on one team to really push for a win, with everyone else on another team. Keep in mind that each hike group is required to have two leaders, so if you don't have enough leadership to meet requirements, your hike groups will be required to hike together for safety, even if they are competing against each other!

If you have a question you'd like answered, please email and we'll answer it!

NiteHike 2015 In Spaaaaaacccceeee!

I think the subject pretty well says it all. NiteHike 2015's theme will be NiteHike In Space (shortened form), and station ideas should be themed accordingly. This year's even will (hopefully, just confirming with the parks board) run from April 11-12, which doesn't conflict with any known major events. Stay tuned for updates!

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